How to Maintain body fitness and lose extra Weight

How to Maintain body fitness and lose extra Weight

Losing weight is hard.

Keeping weight off is just as hard. However, the same strategies you used to lose weight — eating right and working out — can be used to maintain your weight at a healthy level. Carry the energy and motivation you had while losing weight into your effort to maintain a healthy weight.

Weigh yourself regularly.

You’re probably already doing this in instruction to psych yourself up about your weight loss and keep going further. Once you’ve reached your target weight, however, some persons feel that it’s “mission accomplished” and stop nursing their weight.

Think back on your weight loss activities to motivate yourself.

There’s no getting around the fact that remaining healthy and fit requires a huge promise of mental strength and a optimistic attitude. But if you’ve already lost the weight you writhed to get rid of, you’ll know that the victory wasn’t easy.

Reflect on your future health to motivate.

Besides thinking about the bad things you went finished to get to where you are today, think about how weight loss has improved your life. For instance, think about how you have more energy, more confidence.

Join a weight loss support group.

There are online support groups and face-to-face groups. With face-to-face groups, you can get immediate responses to your state, encouragement, and the feelings of camaraderie that come with such meetings

Be aware of your body’s limitations.

Humans are varied at the genetic level, and these hereditary differences affect how easily and quickly your body loses or (re)gains weight. Similarly, if you were or are very obese, you activated vagaries in your body which altered its internal chemistry. These changes altered the speed at which your body processes calories

Expect occasional variation in your weight.

Give yourself a five pound margin of leaving from your target weight when evaluating your weight loss upkeep. For example, if you wanted to be at 145 but you’re at 148, don’t freak out. If your weight starts to tick up far beyond where you want it, intensify your efforts.

How to Maintain body fitness and lose extra Weight

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