Sunrocks: The One Weed Strain Snoop Is Scared To Smoke


SunRocks are one crazy potent form of weed.

So potent in fact, that even Snoop Dogg said he would only smoke it if he was sharing with some seasoned tokers.

To make SunRocks, you need some top shelf weed with at least 18% THC, dipped in high grade wax, and then covered with kief.

This combination can make one SunRock rival the potency of dab oil!

It’s a triple whopper of flavor and potency.

Here’s the rundown on SunRocks – the ONLY kind of weed Snoop Dogg is scared to smoke.

What are SunRocks?

sunrocs - tree

SunRocks are the next level up from MoonRocks!

MoonRocks were the original inspiration for SunRocks, and they became very popular within the past few years.

SunRocks became so popular that rappers Kurupt and Dr. Zodiac even started their own brand of MoonRocks that comes in flavors like strawberry, ice cream, and vanilla!

These MoonRocks can go up to 51.20% THC

So what’s the difference between SunRocks and MoonRocks?


Well, it’s the quality that makes all the difference.

SunRocks should act like the sun and shine or sparkle, while MoonRocks usually have a dull tint  to their look because of a large layer of kief.

A strong MoonRock will have up to 60% THC while SunRocks reportedly can get up to 80% THC.

That’s just about how strong dabs are!

Supposedly, SunRocks not only have to be high quality, they should properly be all from the same strain like the nugs in this video below:

Snoop Dogg originally talked about SunRocks and MoonRocks in this video interview with The Breakfast Club admitting that “MoonRocks are too much!”

SunRocks are so sticky that you either need to rip them apart with your fingers, or use scissors!

You’re not supposed to use your grinder to break up SunRocks.

They’ll clog up your grinder and ultimately ruin your SunRock…

Snoop Dogg says that he’ll only smoke MoonRocks with a friend, or he’ll sprinkle some on top of some normal weed.

“You can’t just do MoonRocks solo” he reminds Charlemagne.


If Snoop Dogg says it’s too much, it’s DEFINITELY too much.

There’s no stopping the innovation that we see the cannabis community continuing to come up with.

Even though some dab oils contain more THC per hit, MoonRocks and SunRocks are still nothing to mess with.

Find a friend (or two) to smoke this with. Do NOT do it alone.source